after school

Centre for the Community School

#AfterSchoolPartners – Centre for the Community School

The Learning Trust first partnered with the Centre for the Community School (CCS) in 2011 when the centre launched the Manyano Network, a collective of school principals that sought to position the schools at the centre of community development. The objective was two-fold, 1) to seek community solutions towards learner education outcomes (learner support) 2) … Read more

sozo foundation

#AfterSchoolWorks – The Sozo Foundation

From working out of a container with two staff in 2011, The Sozo Foundation now operates two fully-fledged centres with 41 staff. Sozo have taken a considered approach and focused on providing After School services and extended these services from Early Childhood Development (ECD) and youth employment initiatives to the whole community. Their success lies … Read more

After School Programme Office

#AfterSchoolPartners – After School Programme Office

The Learning Trust partners with the After School Programme Office (under WC Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport) to facilitate learning and collaboration in the After School sector. We have seen evidence that demonstrates the impact of extending learning through After School interventions and want to spread good practice amongst practitioners and non-profit leaders. Thus, … Read more

The Learning Trust and its grantees adapt to support communities during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences and the future of education faces some of the most complex challenges to date. Our Op-Ed published on the Daily Maverick covers many of these complexities including the importance of a coordinated distribution of learning materials and the development of our Treasure Box collaboration with our partners. However, … Read more


#AfterSchoolWorks – Inkululeko

Inkululeko seeks to provide township youth with the skills, support and guidance necessary to navigate and succeed in life beyond High School. They run tutoring programmes for Grades 8-11 and an intensive Matric programme for grade 12s. Inkululeko also recognises that not all learners will succeed through the academic route. To accommodate diverse trajectories to … Read more


#AfterSchoolPartners – IkamvaYouth

The Learning Trust partnered with IkamvaYouth in 2015 to launch the Community Collaboration Programme (CCP) which recruited and trained emerging CBOs in IkamvaYouth’s tutoring methodology and basic NPO management, as well as providing them with a small grant and OD support. This combination helped numerous alumni and current TLT grantees to develop their programmes and … Read more

Darling Outreach Foundation

#AfterSchoolHeroes – Louise Barends: Darling Outreach Foundation

Darling Outreach Foundation was established in 2020 and was identified as a grantee of The Learning Trust through the partnership with the Wordworks programme. Based in Darling, a rural town on the outskirts of Cape Town, Darling Outreach Foundation’s mission is to create educational opportunities and contribute to improving the physical wellbeing of vulnerable children. … Read more

Emagqabini Education Academy

#AfterSchoolHeroes – Cindy Mkaza: Emagqabini Education Academy

Emagqabini Education Academy is an after-school programme based in Khayelitsha, one of the biggest townships in South Africa. The area faces many socio-economic issues such as high unemployment, lack of sanitation facilities, high rates of HIV/ AIDS and crime. It is rare to find positive stories in the mainstream media about Khayelitsha and its people, … Read more

Bethesda Community Centre

#AfterSchoolHeroes – Margaret Maans: Bethesda Community Centre

Margaret Maans is the visionary leader of the Bethesda Community Centre located in Moorreesburg, a rural town in the Swartland Municipality. Established in 2015, Bethesda Community Centre currently runs an After School programme that provides academic support to 20 grade 4 learners and reaches a total of 65 primary school learners through their life skills … Read more

School of Hard Knocks

#AfterSchoolHeroes – Cassandra Carels: School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks South Africa was established in 2017 and is based on the model used by the international non-profit network operating in the UK, New Zealand and South Africa that was started in 2012. School of Hard Knocks uses a proven combination of psycho-social counselling from supportive adults and life skills through rugby … Read more