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The After School Sector Complements Education as a Human Right!

As we approach Human Rights Day celebrations on the 21st of March – a public holiday set to mark the Sharpeville protests against racial segregation laws – we reflect on one of the rights we continue to fight for, children’s Right to Education. Education not only appears in our constitutional Bill of Rights, but is … Read more

Online Learning Cafe 1

Our Learning Cafés are aimed at Practitioners and specialist staff members. They provide a platform to acquire practical skills and tools. In this session, we will be learning how to leverage social media to communicate our work and mobilise engagement from our respective audiences. Grantees and alumni will share their experiences with social media and … Read more

After School Data Collective 1

Collecting data is the first step towards advocating and mobilising resources and funding for the After School Sector. In this collaborative session, we will discuss the data collected from Gauteng programmes over the last two years and introduce impact surveys. You will also get to engage with other grantees in your respective province to determine … Read more


South Africa joins the global #LightsOnAfterschool movement

We called on all after-school organisations in South Africa to participate in the global #LightsOnAfterSchool campaign that took place on 22 October. The goal was to shine a spotlight on the NGO After School sector and to increase awareness on the impact it has on improving learner outcomes and broader education as a whole. This … Read more

Hlalefang Alexandra Chess Club

#IAmAfterSchool – Jonathan Maliboho: Hlalefang Alexandra Chess Club

Jonathan Maliboho, Founder of Hlalefang Alexandra Chess Club, started playing chess at 10 years old and when he realised what it did for him, he wanted to share the joy and the experience he gained from it with others. “What we are doing with Hlalefang Alexandra Chess Club is enriching the lives of the children … Read more


#IAmAfterSchool – Khanyisa Dube: Mihandzu

Khanyisa Dube is the Mathematics Director at Mihandzu non-profit organisation. Alongside her full-time job Khanyisa volunteers every Saturday to tutor and works tirelessly behind the scenes to develop Mihandzu’s Math curriculum. Khanyisa has worked as a market risk quantitative analyst in the financial sector in South Africa since 2011. She grew up in a disadvantaged … Read more

Extended learning support

Extended learning support key to closing off 2020 school year

Extended learning support has proven to be critical in addressing the challenges students face in completing the 2020 school year. School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused severe disruptions for learners who are now entering the last leg of their school year with trepidation. Challenges such as work overload, a rushed syllabus, teacher … Read more

Centre for the Community School

#AfterSchoolPartners – Centre for the Community School

The Learning Trust first partnered with the Centre for the Community School (CCS) in 2011 when the centre launched the Manyano Network, a collective of school principals that sought to position the schools at the centre of community development. The objective was two-fold, 1) to seek community solutions towards learner education outcomes (learner support) 2) … Read more

sozo foundation

#AfterSchoolWorks – The Sozo Foundation

From working out of a container with two staff in 2011, The Sozo Foundation now operates two fully-fledged centres with 41 staff. Sozo have taken a considered approach and focused on providing After School services and extended these services from Early Childhood Development (ECD) and youth employment initiatives to the whole community. Their success lies … Read more

After School Programme Office

#AfterSchoolPartners – After School Programme Office

The Learning Trust partners with the After School Programme Office (under WC Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport) to facilitate learning and collaboration in the After School sector. We have seen evidence that demonstrates the impact of extending learning through After School interventions and want to spread good practice amongst practitioners and non-profit leaders. Thus, … Read more