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Inkululeko seeks to provide township youth with the skills, support and guidance necessary to navigate and succeed in life beyond High School.

They run tutoring programmes for Grades 8-11 and an intensive Matric programme for grade 12s.

Inkululeko also recognises that not all learners will succeed through the academic route.

To accommodate diverse trajectories to success, they also run a Social Enterprise Programme, to develop practical, entrepreneurial skills through their Common Grounds Cafe.

The common Grounds Café is an in-school cafe where learners gain practical components of business.

These include marketing, stock-taking, calculating profit margins and generally applying accounting and economics concepts practically, thus aligning classroom theory to practice.

Inkululeko means freedom

Their motto is ‘We believe in the transformative power of education.’

A non-profit organisation providing supplemental education and opportunity, Inkululeko strives to empower township youth in Makhanda (Grahamstown), South Africa.

For the 2018-2019 academic year Inkululeko enrolled over 40 students and achieved a 100% pass rate.

They were nominated by the Rhodes University Community Engagement (RUCE) as the top three Finalist for the Community Partner of the year awards for 2018.

Out of 6 matrics, 3 obtained a Bachelor pass and are now enrolled with Rhodes University.

Common Ground Café is a social enterprise initiative located in extension 7 at Ntsika Secondary.

It brings the community together to enjoy a meal and to have conversation.

The cafe currently operates four days a week and offers snacks as well as light meals.

It is a safe, inviting space for young people, created by young people – to come, have (sober and drug free) fun while playing a board game, participating in a soccer tournament, or going online.

Importantly, the youth learn valuable business skills that will serve them for their futures while participating at the café.

Inkululeko has been funded and supported by The Learning Trust since 2017.

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