#AfterSchoolPartners – IkamvaYouth

The Learning Trust partnered with IkamvaYouth in 2015 to launch the Community Collaboration Programme (CCP) which recruited and trained emerging CBOs in IkamvaYouth’s tutoring methodology and basic NPO management, as well as providing them with a small grant and OD support.

This combination helped numerous alumni and current TLT grantees to develop their programmes and organisational backend and many are now flourishing.

Collectively the Implementing Partners programme has reached 494 Grade 12s, an 89% pass rate and a 53% bachelor pass (2015-2018).

It established an After School community and provided spaces to connect, network and share.

These spaces were absorbed into the COPs ultimately.

It was also a useful vehicle that helped to increase TLT’s presence in Gauteng province.

About IkamvaYouth

“Our mission is to enable disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education or employment. We have a track record of achieving this mission.”

Founded in 2003 by Joy Olivier and Makhosi Gogwana, IkamvaYouth provides a safe space for learners to go after class is done for the day.

It is a place where they receive help with their homework and a host of other services and support to ensure they succeed.

Growing up and being educated in vastly different environments the founders, Joy and Makhosi compared their experiences and realised that many of the obstacles learners face are due to lack of information and support.

Together with friends they began volunteering as tutors and mentors at Makhosi’s old school to support learners to reach their fullest potential.

Since those humble beginnings, they have since grown from one branch to more than fifteen and support over 5,000 learners per year through their various programmes.

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