Announcing Charlene Petersen Voss as the New Executive Director of The Learning Trust

We are delighted to introduce Charlene Petersen Voss as the new Executive Director of The Learning Trust (TLT), effective from 1 September 2024. Charlene brings an impressive track record in leading TLT’s special projects and a proven commitment to our mission, making her the ideal choice to guide our organisation into the future. Since joining … Read more

Just Grace NPC’s Impact Through the Social Employment Fund

Youth Month is a significant time in South Africa, dedicated to recognising and celebrating the potential, achievements, and contributions of the youth. In this blog, we highlight Just Grace NPC’s participation in the Social Employment Fund (SEF) project and its success in empowering young people in under-resourced communities. With a focus on academic support, skills … Read more

Elevating Youth Employment through the Social Employment Fund  

June celebrated as Youth Month in South Africa, is a period dedicated to commemorating historical struggles, promoting educational reforms, empowering youth, and advocating for educational equity. This month is a reminder of the ongoing efforts to ensure that every young South African has access to quality education and employment opportunities.  As we reflect on the … Read more

Transforming Lives Through SEF 

“ASPs can better prepare young people for the job market by offering relevant hands-on experience that equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen careers.” – Zanele Tshem, Ikamva Youth SEF participant. The Learning Trust proudly presents a special blog series dedicated to celebrating the remarkable journeys of young individuals … Read more

Beyond the Classroom Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024! We’re excited to kick off the year by recapping the highlights of the first quarter and sharing our latest updates with you. The Learning Trust has had an incredible start to the year, from hosting a successful Amplify After School Symposium to launching our position paper on the Social Employment Fund (SEF) and its impact on leveraging public employment programmes. Read on to learn more about our recent activities!

Leveraging Public Employment and After School Programmes to Deliver Multiple Outcomes

In today’s educational landscape, where challenges in learning and youth unemployment intersect After School Programmes (ASPs) emerge as crucial resources for nurturing young minds and addressing societal needs. However, their potential for impact multiplies when coupled with Public Employment Programmes (PEPs), presenting a unique opportunity to leverage government investments for multifaceted outcomes.   Over the past … Read more

Beyond The Classroom Quarterly Newsletter

A Year of Responsive Growth -The Learning Trust has grown this year with several additional team members and projects. We have made significant progress towards our 2023 priorities. Read on to learn more about our recent activities!

Unveiling the Management Accelerator Programme for After School Managers 

Over the years, The Learning Trust has been diligently building a network of After School Programmes (ASPs) and dedicated individuals nationwide. We aim to unite and empower emerging leaders from diverse ASPs, igniting their journey toward excellence.  This year, we introduced the Management Accelerator programme for After School Managers, a groundbreaking initiative designed to foster … Read more

Annual Lights On After School Movement calls to end a failing education system

As South African schools enter the final exam phase for the year, all eyes are on the education sector, and the academic performance of students. While the official matric pass rate for 2022 was recorded as 80.1%, many educational experts highlighted the high student drop-out rate, which  realistically puts the pass rate at under 55%.   … Read more

Beyond the Classroom Quarterly Newsletter

The Learning Trust is coordinating a national, ecosystemic and multi-stakeholder effort to tackle the devastating learning losses that have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.