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Leveraging Public Employment and After School Programmes to Deliver Multiple Outcomes

In today’s educational landscape, where challenges in learning and youth unemployment intersect After School Programmes (ASPs) emerge as crucial resources for nurturing young minds and addressing societal needs. However, their potential for impact multiplies when coupled with Public Employment Programmes (PEPs), presenting a unique opportunity to leverage government investments for multifaceted outcomes.   Over the past … Read more

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Lights On Afterschool & Mental Health

Lights On After School is a global initiative that aims to help raise awareness of the importance of after school programs and their impact on children’s lives.

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After school programmes boosting youth’s mental health

Good Hope FM Interview The rise in reports of mental illness amongst young people is alarming. Over the last few years young people have been and are still dealing with grief, loss of family income, educational setbacks, and doubt regarding their future plans. They are experiencing, quite understandably increased anxiety, hopelessness and depression. ASPs play … Read more

TLT Grantee Learning Circle

This event will bring together all our funded partners across the country to harness wisdom, practice, and experience. Convening all grantees at the mid-point of their grant will allow us to forge inter-provincial connections, acknowledge good practice, identify critical knowledge gaps, celebrate accomplishments, and identify common trends to inform CoPs, research, and professional development. This … Read more

GP Community of Practice: Mental well- being

Working in an After School Programme (ASP) requires us to support learners in various ways, including psychosocially. It is important that we look after our own well-being to be able to do this. We cannot be there for our learners when we are running on empty. The Learning Trust invites all practitioners and leaders of … Read more

The Data Collective

You are invited to the first Data Collective of 2022. This session will provide a brief feedback on the trends we are seeing from 2018, 2019, 2021 attendance data. We will share Data Collection Guidelines for your input as we co-create knowledge for the After School sector. You will engage in discussion about Monitoring, Evaluation, … Read more

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United Through Sport – changing young lives in Gqebhera with After School

Our Eastern Cape grantee, United through Sport, was featured in Algoa FM’s weekly segment, Algoa Cares. This was our effort to put a spotlight on the work of After School programmes across the country in order to celebrate the Lights On movement. [button link=”″ newwindow=”yes”] Listen to interview…[/button]    

Investing in the sustainable future of South African youth

The After School sector offers a diversity of programmes, models, and focus areas that are all united by a common goal: to enable learners to thrive and succeed. Given the belief that our future is in the hands of our youth, it is reasonable to expect that the investments put into education actually result in quality learning outcomes for youth.

Organisational Development Seminar 1: Improve your operational efficiency and sustainability

Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement will host two virtual yet practical training sessions on Fundraising & Sustainability and Good Governance on behalf of The Learning Trust (TLT). The sessions are aimed at senior management, leaders, and fundraisers of After School Programmes. We will explore sustainability as a holistic concept that involves other … Read more