Building thriving and sustainable communities one organization at a time

Written by Malibongwe Nkunkuma, TLT Programmme Officer

Supporting emerging organizations is one of the most fundamental aspects in our quest to build thriving and sustainable communities. As the backbone of any nation, communities comprise of social units which share commonality such as place, norms, values, and identity, but more crucially they are sites of individual and communal agency and initiative. Through supporting emerging organizations, we lay a platform for communities to take initiative in driving the change they seek to see, and further strengthening their sense of purpose which translates into empowered communities that drive solution orientated development. Supporting emerging organisations opens pathways to increased developmental capacity and that enables us to deliver solutions that are more sustainable.

Focused training, mentorship and coaching in a variety of organisational development areas is essential to unlocking the potential of emerging organizations to deliver for their communities. In building thriving and sustainable communities, the process of development must be embedded within these organizations as they are much closer to challenges faced by communities and play a crucial role in the process as they are the fulcrum that anchors social investment closer to where it is needed most. Providing capacity support to these organizations is therefore critical as strengthened organization are better able to implement development programmes.

Article originally published by HCI Foundation.