Beyond the Classroom Quarterly 1


Here are some highlights from the past quarter…

  1. Over the past year, the informal education sector and a broader network of civil society organisations have stepped in to support catch-up efforts. We share our emerging work in coordinating a Catch-Up Coalition of non-profit ASP providers.
  2. This past quarter we held our first Gauteng Community of Practice online and took time to centre the emotional and mental wellness of the organisational leaders and practitioners on the frontlines.
  3. The biggest shift caused by COVID is moving learning online. TLT has been instrumental in identifying and connecting grantee and alumni organisations to SegenSolar’s IT donation initiative.
  4. As the visibility and impact of our work grows to support the vibrant After School sector, so does our team! We are excited to have three new members joining us this year.
  5. …and lot’s more!