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GP Community of Practice: ‘Learner Recruitment & Retention’

Over the last two years, COVID-19, school platooning, programme closures, and the continued apprehension of in-person After School sessions have negatively impacted learner attendance in many After School Programmes. The Learning Trust invites you to explore learner recruitment and retention strategies. We will also look at the role that parents and schools can play, and … Read more

Investing in the sustainable future of South African youth

The After School sector offers a diversity of programmes, models, and focus areas that are all united by a common goal: to enable learners to thrive and succeed. Given the belief that our future is in the hands of our youth, it is reasonable to expect that the investments put into education actually result in quality learning outcomes for youth.

The After School Investment Case Launch

The Learning Trust is thrilled to launch The After School Investment Case, a research report that demonstrates the importance of After School enrichment programmes in addressing the gross inequality in our education system. Join our virtual panel discussion with Nic Spaull, Merle Mansfield and Hope Chidawanyika to celebrate this milestone. We will explore the education … Read more