#YouthMonth2022: Mihandzu Learning

With the growing advancement of 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) globally, it’s inspiring to learn how After School programmes are helping South African learners catch up with the rest of the world.  Mihandzu Learning – a Gauteng-based grantee – is playing a valuable role to ensure that young people are fully acquainted with necessary digital skills to thrive in this advancing era. Nokukhanya Memela, Founder and Managing Director of Mihandzu Learning shares how they achieve this.
What does your organisation do to equip youth with digital or e-learning skills?
Through the IT and Robotics programme, we expose learners to the fundamentals of coding, and introduction to robot/machine building. With this, we equip learners with the skills to understand what computers are, how they function, and ultimately, how to program their software. This opens a new world of possibilities and opportunities in terms of career paths and upskilling.
Why is it important for youth from under-resourced communities and schools to receive access to digital learning and resources?
The world, and especially South Africa, is fast shifting into a digital world, where everything we do and how we operate is being digitised. Slowly, our world of ink and paper is being phased out, that access to digital learning and resources means better opportunities for one. It is important that we upskill and expose the youth in under-resourced communities and schools, by providing a supplement to the lack of resources and creating opportunities to access/use of more digital technologies.
What more is needed for South African youth to thrive?  
Much of South African youth has been largely subjected to societal structures that are not grooming them into young responsible adults. We need motivated, determined youth who strive for betterment and growth. Having the tools and opportunities becomes fruitless if there is no motivation/inspiration to thrive.
Our IT and Robotics programme… opens a new world of possibilities and opportunities in terms of career paths and upskilling.