Beyond the Classroom Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024! We’re excited to kick off the year by recapping the highlights of the first quarter and sharing our latest updates with you. The Learning Trust has had an incredible start to the year, from hosting a successful Amplify After School Symposium to launching our position paper on the Social Employment Fund (SEF) and its impact on leveraging public employment programmes. Read on to learn more about our recent activities!

Leveraging Public Employment and After School Programmes to Deliver Multiple Outcomes

In today’s educational landscape, where challenges in learning and youth unemployment intersect After School Programmes (ASPs) emerge as crucial resources for nurturing young minds and addressing societal needs. However, their potential for impact multiplies when coupled with Public Employment Programmes (PEPs), presenting a unique opportunity to leverage government investments for multifaceted outcomes.   Over the past … Read more

Beyond The Classroom Quarterly Newsletter

A Year of Responsive Growth -The Learning Trust has grown this year with several additional team members and projects. We have made significant progress towards our 2023 priorities. Read on to learn more about our recent activities!

Annual Lights On After School Movement calls to end a failing education system

As South African schools enter the final exam phase for the year, all eyes are on the education sector, and the academic performance of students. While the official matric pass rate for 2022 was recorded as 80.1%, many educational experts highlighted the high student drop-out rate, which  realistically puts the pass rate at under 55%.   … Read more

2022 Annual Report

The Learning Trust’s 2022 annual report reflects on our journey in the first year of our three-year strategy. We’re proud to share our lessons, opportunities and accomplishments in pursuit of our ultimate goal: to increase the number of young people in underserved communities with the requisite competencies to succeed beyond their school age. We believe … Read more

Coalitions: Working Together Across Sectors to Scale Up Impact

Written by Charlene Petersen-Voss, Special Projects Manager and Sibongile Khumalo, Executive Director of The Learning Trust  The power of collective action  The world is riddled with daunting and complex challenges that no single person or organisation can claim to know the solutions to. From poverty and food insecurity to climate change and catastrophic pandemics, these … Read more

MEL Series Part 3: Data Collection

You’re invited to a 4-hour online training that will introduce data collection best practices and data collection tools and process for After School Programmes. Participants must have a strong uninterrupted internet connection with the ability to use video, Google documents, and other online tools during the training. Space is limited and not all applicants will … Read more

helping reduce school violence

Mental Health issues a global challenge

Lights On After School is a global initiative that aims to help raise awareness of the importance of after school programs and their impact on children’s lives. The movement began more than 20 years ago in the US, led by the Afterschool Alliance. Today, it has grown into a global organization supported by tens of thousands of people and organizations around the world. This year’s Lights on theme focuses on mental health and academic support.