Lockdown Learning

This page offers a collection of, learning materials for kids and parents at home, plus curricular resources for learners and teachers.

At Home

Types of self care poster

Important emergency contacts during COVID-19

W.H.O.: Advice and tips on healthy parenting

Child-friendly explanation of COVID-19

A kids book about COVID-19

Directory of fun home activities for kids

Supporting learning at home: A guide for care-givers

Creative home-activity card ideas for download

Collection of home-learning activities for pre-schoolers

Weekly online African story-telling on Facebook events

Guided lockdown literacy pack for kids by Wordworks

50+ fun home activities (maths, art, science, music, literacy)

Academic-Curricular Resources

E-learning for Maths & English (grades R-12 & teachers)

DBE online workbooks & study guides (grades R-12)

DBE provincial e-learning resources (for learners & teachers)

DBE TV learning support programmes (for learners)

WCED e-learning portal and resources (grades R-12)

School Closure Pack by multiple partners (for learners & teachers)

Curriculum-based e-learning (for learners, parents & teachers)

Multi-online resources and platforms by DBE (for learners & teachers)

Collection of Digital Tools and Resources (for learners, parents & teachers)

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