The Learning Trust

The Learning Trust is a non-profit, grant making and capacity support service provider whose focus is to support and strengthen local, effective and sustained educational interventions and community clusters that target South Africa's children growing up in conditions of poverty and exclusion.

For Grantees

The Learning Trust identifies high-potential emerging community-based NGOs through an extensive due diligence process and provides financial and capacity building support to these organisations over a 5 year period.

Through extensive consultation with stakeholders in the field and its own experience, The Learning Trust then identifies the most common skills gaps in its grantees. The Trust’s capacity development programme is informed by these priority areas and provides NGO’s with support, training and mentoring through seminars, one-on-one organisational support, support of material development and a financial contribution.

This increases the grantees capacity to design, implement and sustain high quality programmes to improve learner outcomes. In addition to improving organisational systems, the group seminars create networks and support systems amongst the grantees, as well as learning and sharing opportunities for best practice.

TLT presents a range of key themes in its seminars all focusing on enhancing organisational capacity support:

• Strategic and operational planning
• Good governance
• Project management
• Budgeting and financial management
• Fundraising and relationship building with funders
• Evaluation and learning
• Sustainability planning
• Advocacy
• Networking

Please note that no unsolicited proposals to The Learning Trust will be accepted or replied to.   

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