The Learning Trust

The Learning Trust is a non-profit, grant making and capacity support service provider whose focus is to support and strengthen local, effective and sustained educational interventions and community clusters that target South Africa's children growing up in conditions of poverty and exclusion.

TLT Grantees in the Eastern Cape

Across the Eastern Cape, The Learning Trust currently supports ten individual grantees in three education clusters:

1. Port Elizabeth: Masifunde (multi-intervention), Masinyusane (reading and tertiary), Unako (reading), Sapphire

2. Grahamstown: Assumption Development (life skills, business dev), GADRA (matric re-write), St Mary's Development Care Centre (tutoring)

3. Port Alfred: Early Inspiration (ECD training), Nemato (multi-intervention)

4. Across clusters: Manyano Community Schools Network (innovative, self-reliant community schools)

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