The Learning Trust

The Learning Trust is a non-profit, grant making and capacity support service provider whose focus is to support and strengthen local, effective and sustained educational interventions and community clusters that target South Africa's children growing up in conditions of poverty and exclusion.

Guiding Funding Criterion

The Learning Trust actively reaches into communities to seek organisations that demonstrate social entrepreneurship in education and that are interested in networking with other educational service providers through forming collaborative clusters with sustainable impact in the communities they support.

The Trust focuses on interventions that are not yet on the radar of larger funders and which operate in previously disadvantaged urban areas.

Examples of considerations that The Learning Trust takes into account in selecting a grantee include:

• Dedicated and entrepreneurial leadership.
• A sound strategy for improving specified educational outcomes for local children, including engagement with schools and local and provincial government.
• Clear commitment to deepen and strengthen their organizations with the assistance of the grant initiative, including responsible management of finances.
• Community based with community buy-in.
• Potential for long-term sustainability.
• Commitment and retention of team including potential for effective succession planning.
• Financial viability including potential for attracting both donor and strategically government support.
• Commitment to developing documentation and record keeping to support sustainable funding.
• Limited capacity for direct fund raising (i.e. often evidenced as a limited number of current donors).
• Potential to partner with other interventions to extend the overall support continuum for a child’s holistic development within a defined community.

Please note that no unsolicited proposals to The Learning Trust will be accepted or replied to.

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