The Learning Trust

The Learning Trust is a non-profit, grant making and capacity support service provider whose focus is to support and strengthen local, effective and sustained educational interventions and community clusters that target South Africa's children growing up in conditions of poverty and exclusion.

After School Game Changer Resources

Community of Practice Learning Briefs
Critical success factors for After School programmes (2016: Learning Brief 1)
Barriers to successful AS programmes (2016: Learning brief 2)
Understanding the quality of After School programmes (2016: Learning brief 3)
Collaboration between NGOs and Government (2017: Learning brief 1)
Collaboration between NGOs and Schools (2017: Learning brief 2)

Practitioner Code of Conduct
   - Guiding Acts and Legislation
      > The Children's Act (2008)
      > The Protection of Personal Information Act (2013)
      > The Sexual Offences Act (2007)
      > The South African Schools Act (1996)
  - Guiding Policies
     > Anti-Bullying Policy
     > Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy
     > Safety Solutions
     > Social Media Policy
  - Helpful Documents

    > Consent form for photography
    > Sample Code of Conduct for learners
    > Sample Code of Conduct

• After School Symposium Learning Briefs
  - Learning Brief 1 - The Why of After School Programmes
  - Learning Brief 2 - The five pillars of after school programmes
  - Learning Brief 3 - Monitoring and Evaluation
  - Learning Brief 4 - Innovations in After School Programmes
  - Learning Brief 5 - After School Game Changer Symposium Points for Action


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